A marriage license issued by the Monongalia County Clerk's Office is only for marriage ceremonies within the State of West Virginia.  If you are getting married outside the State of West Virginia, you must obtain a license from the jurisdiction where you are getting married.  It is your responsibility to obtain a marriage license from the correct legal authority where you are getting married.

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    • $57.00 Cash or Money Order (2.4% or a minimum of $1.00 convenience fee for Credit/Debit)
    • Identification (with First, Middle, Last name, and date of birth included)
    • Completed application with all questions answered

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The Monongalia County Clerk's Office is located at the Monongalia County Court House, 243 High St. Rm 123, Morgantown, WV 26505.

Appointment hours are:
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Except holidays)



AGE - Must appear in person and be 18 years of age. - If under the age of 18 there is a three (3) day waiting period and both parents of the underage person must appear with identification to give consent or a single parent must be present with identification and full custody papers. If under the age of 16 must receive consent from a Judge in addition to parental consent.


FAMILY INFORMATION - Both parties must know the complete name of each of their parents including their Mother's maiden name. - Both parties must know the city and state or foreign country where each of their parents were born.


IF YOU HAVE BEEN MARRIED BEFORE - Must know the exact date of the divorce. This is the date the Judge signed the divorce decree. - Must know the exact date of death if your previous marriage ended due to the death of your spouse.


FEE - Cash, Credit/Debit Card, or Money Order for $57. If parties present a certificate of completion of a pre-marital counseling course, the fee is $37. Payment must be presented at the beginning of the application process. There is a 2.4% or a minimum of $1.00 convenience fee for Credit/Debit payments. Money Orders should be made payable to the Monongalia County Clerk.


EXPIRATION DATE - Once issued the Marriage License must be used within 60 days of the date issued or it will be void and must be returned to the Monongalia County Clerk's Office.


TO BE MARRIED BY A JUDGE - Prior arrangements need to be made with the Judge. - Honorable Judge Patricia Hill: (304) 285-3107, Honorable Judge Randall Minor: (304) 285-3228.


TO BE MARRIED BY A MINISTER - Minister must be licensed and registered in the state of West Virginia - Click Here to verify a Minister's License.


AFTER THE MARRIAGE CEREMONY -The Marriage License , signed by the Judge or Minister performing the ceremony, must be returned to the Monongalia County Clerk's Office in order to have a Marriage Certificate issued.

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